Silvio Meier (b. 1981, Zürich) currently lives and works in East Sussex, UK.



Words by Richard Best

Silvio Meier’s vast enigmatic patterns emerge from the depths of his absorbed influences in an automatic outpouring that exhibits his compulsion to draw. The patterns contain interlocking geometric shapes, elementary symbols, figurative elements and other recognisable fragments but there is no conceptualisation prior to creating this work; it is derived from experience and an awareness of the artist’s surroundings. The surfaces are dense and complete, whether on tiny sheets of paper or a mural spread across a wall, every gap is filled and every pattern is expanded and elaborated until they are considered perfect. Working in a focused and determined manner Meier follows the movement of his own hand in an automatic process of application and response; seeing no mark as a mistake but an organic development of the work. The artist also responds to the material that he chooses to work on, creating continuous patterns around ostrich eggs, encompassing wooden boxes, or tracing around spilt tea, the material's characteristics are incorporated into the design. After his graphic design apprenticeship Silvio Meier worked as part of a collaborative called Maphia who combined street art and technical drawing using a unified single medium but each working to his own style, and each responding to the direction of his peers. The time spent in this collaborative allowed Meier to develop his own distinct style and direction.

Meier absorbs the information and details of his surroundings, refraining from gallery visits and the influence of art studies his vision remains pure and is completely self motivated. He keeps sketchbooks at hand to make notes and drawings of the architecture and imagery present in his surroundings, responding subconsciously to the images that have affected him the most or those that have become ingrained from constant exposure. Many images and symbols are repeated in works spanning several years, slowly changing and adapting as the artist progresses with his individual style. Hands, legs, eyes, and hearts have a continued presence and form a direct figurative connection with the audience. The heart symbolises the essence of life and the eyes create a focus point, the viewer watches the eyes as the eyes observe the viewer. The sketchbooks act as a diary and help the artist organise his thoughts and relieve the stresses of an over perceptive mind. Looking back at previous years work Meier feels that he is able to recognise his mood and feelings at the time, they relate to the events and location of his present. He perceives the colours and shapes of London in the paintings he made whilst he was there and now his work begins to evolve with a new location; after moving to the south coast last year Meier wanders over the beaches beginning to absorb the imagery that resides there. Droplets and waves have emerged; they form moments of fluidity and motion that bring a new energy to the work. They are developing a narrative that exhibits the artist coming to terms with a new environment and a new home.


UPCOMING: 22 July until 1 October 2017 - Group Exhibition: 'Towner Sussex Open' at Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne (UK)

Solo Exhibition: 'Drawings & Papercuttings' at The Crown, Hastings (UK)
Exhibition: 'A Drop in the Ocean' was on display at Observer Building, Hastings (UK)

Solo Exhibition: 'Drawings, Objects & Papercuttings' at De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea (UK)

Solo Exhibition: 'Daydreams & Nightmares' at The Kave Gallery, St Leonards-on-Sea (UK)
Group Exhibition: 'Festival im Kornhaus', Zürich (CH)
Group Exhibition: Lazy Social, London (UK)

Group Exhibition: 'You Lucky Bastard' at Hold Up Art Gallery, Los Angeles (US)

Group Exhibition: 'Limite ignorado' at Ungarisches, Baden (CH)

Group Exhibition: 'Artstübli' at Illustrative 08, Zürich (CH)
Group Exhibition: 'Bordercross' at Kunstraum Baden, Baden (CH)

Group Exhibition: 'Artig', Imprimerie Basel (CH)
Solo Exhibition: 'Maphia' at Zur Nachtigall, Zürich (CH)


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MAPHIA - Swiss art collective comprising of Silvio Meier, Luca Basello & Jan Eichenberger. Active between 1999 to 2008 -